"There's no place like Om"

About the Music

Track List
Aqua Afternoon
A large scale up-tempo piece with wide ranging instrumentation from electric to eclectic.
A bright melodic World crossover piece that revolves around the interplay of three percussive instruments: marimba, celesta, and vibes.
Favorably compared to Brian Eno’s “Music for Airports,” this piece uses multiple electronic voices in a pleasant tonal ambience.
Morning Meditation
Guitar, vibes, piano and bass form the core of this smooth jazz crossover piece, as they weave a deeply evocative melodic fabric.

Composer's Notes

After several decades of making music, I thought it’s about time I share some of my work with a larger audience. Aqua Afternoon is the result of 10+ years worth of tinkering with a new musical form that I call the Wordless Mantra. This is an instrumental form that uses repeating melodic phrases fused together to create unique musical textures. The music embodies elements from several generes including Classical, Jazz and New Age.

From a listener’s standpoint the pieces can be appreciated on different levels. You can enjoy them as a pleasant background to casually set the mood. Or you can listen as you might with Jazz or Classical, following individual parts as your interest leads you. Finally, the music can simply be experienced, feeling the power and energy while still being mindful of its subtleties and nuances.

The four pieces on Aqua Afternoon average 15 minutes each in length, and are made up of either three or four distinct movements. In order to meet the needs of broadcast and internet radio formats Aqua Afternoon will also be available on a separate CD as edited airplay mixes that average 5 minutes in length taken from the first movement of each piece. Either way, I hope you enjoy the music!

Gary Takesian
Long Beach, CA
July, 2005